Being selected to be on the Thrila Prospect Program is the gateway for talented BMX, MTB and MX riders to become a Thrila Pro Rider.

Selected riders receive a large discount on Thrila products. They may get spotlighted on the Thrila Instagram/Tik Tok/Facebook.

A prospect rider when selected becomes part of the Thrila Family and will receive access to products that the public cannot buy.

If the rider's results, performance and content creation increase there is a strong chance they will be upgraded to Thrila Pro Status.

To be considered a rider needs the following:

1) Strong results at their local club that they can verify.

2) A CHAMPION ATTITUDE and commitment to training and learning.

3) An Instagram or Tik Tok account (can be parent-run) where they can interact with Thrila and the industry.

Content is KING! If you produce GREAT images/video of you in our product we will share it - which in turn grows your following.


Note: Not all Prospect riders will be upgraded to Thrila Pro Status, but if you put the work in and get the results, your chances go up exponentially.

If you think you have what it takes and you have the results, drive and ambition email


Sometimes we choose riders based on location. If we have many riders in your area we are less likely to sign a rider. Alternatively if we have no one in your area your chances increase.