Being selected to be on the Thrila FLOW TEAM is a gateway for talented BMX, MTB and MX riders to become a Thrila PRO RIDER.


Sponsored Flow Riders Receive:

-A Unique Discount Code that applies a HUGE price decrease across all Thrila products.


- Access to rare products that the public cannot buy.


- Occasionally get to test Thrila prototypes.


- Shoutouts/Mentions on Thrila Social Pages when you create great content.


- Official Thrila logos for your bike & equipment graphics.


- Invitations to Exclusive Thrila Events/Competitions.


- Access to Industry Partners (Thrila may bring other sponsors to your program)


Content is KING If you produce GREAT images/video of you in our product we will share it - which in turn also grows your following.


Note: Not all Flow riders will be upgraded to Thrila Pro Status, but if you put the work in and get the results, your chances go up.


If you think you have the Talent, Results & Ambition to be a part of the #ThrilaFamily here's what you need to do:


Email us operations@thrila.com


Tell us....


Your Name:


Your Results:




Instagram or Tiktok: (can be a parent-run account)


Your Goal:



Sometimes we choose riders based on location. If we have many riders in your area we are less likely to sign a rider. Alternatively if we have no one in your area your chances go up.